Type_80 is a privately owned IBM "Software in Development Partner".

Type-80 Security Software was founded by experts in the areas of Systems Programming and information security. Our founders draw from a diverse background, from providing security training to NATO counter intelligence, conducting enterprise-wide security assessments for companies maintaining the nation's critical infrastructure, and developing high-level mainframe applications for major financial institutions.

Type-80's flagship product, SMA_RT, is a revolutionary host-based intrusion detection product for the z/OS mainframe system. Using a combination of both signature-based and anomaly-based attack detection, SMA_RT notifies administrators of malicious activity in real-time. SMA_RT can easily integrate with a variety of security management products including many leading SIM/SEM products.

Contact Information:

Type80 Security Software, Inc.
211 North Union Street
Suite 100

Alexandria, VA 22314

phone: 877-320-0477




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