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SMA_RT combines z/OS Communications Server and client/server technology. It functions as a security monitor program product that looks for patterns of abuse and sends real-time alerts. It supports systems environments across multiple CPUs and over geographically diverse locations. SMA_RT tracks activity, monitors systems resources and records vital information. Alerts are routed to the SMA_RT management GUI, external security log concentrator products or other threat management products that use TCP/IP SYSLOG protocol.


  • Real time alerting to security events occurring on the z/OS operating system
  • Security team alerted on threatening events and malicious activity
  • Protects from Denial of Service Attacks
  • Identifies internal patterns of security abuse
  • Saves on hundreds of man-hours tracking through SMF reports to investigate a security breach.
  • Leverages other security products currently licensed to provide complete enterprise-wide threat management coverage
  • Allows you to see what you want to see and when you want to see it


  • Connectivity with ACF2, RACF and Top Secret
  • Supports z/OS and Unix System Services (USS).
  • Gathers events from System Management Facility and an Operating System interface
  • Uses SMF records to create SMA_RT profiles of TSO Users activity and then checks the SMA_RT profiles during real-time monitoring looking for anomalies.
  • Application Programming Interface (API) allows you to define specific security events
  • Historical alert query function
  • Configurable rules within the GUI to filter out non-critical events
  • Security events are passed to other vendorís monitoring products
  • Small footprint in each LPAR being monitored
  • Easy installation without requiring an IPL

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