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SDS Acquires SMA_RT Product from Type80

On May 15, 2017, Software Diversified Services (SDS) acquired SMA_RT from Type80. Please contact SDS with any questions.

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Welcome to Type80 Security Software, Inc.

Security Software & Consulting: Z/OS Security Solutions

Type80 Security Software was developed by experts in the areas of Systems Programming and Information Security. Our developers draw from a diverse background, from providing security training to members of fifteen NATO countries, conducting enterprise-wide security assessments for companies maintaining the nation's critical infrastructure, and developing high-level z/OS applications for major financial institutions and fortune 500 companies.

Type80 is an industry leader in z/OS based intrusion detection and security event notification software. Our unique approach to z/OS security ties in several decades of mainframe expertise with enterprise-level security knowledge to help organizations maintain complete security situational awareness.

Today’s Computing Environment

Enterprise-wide monitoring of security events is critical, not only for tracking malicious activity, but also to meet audit and compliance regulations. Most organizations have a wide range of security packages tracking everything from anti-virus updates and Intrusion Detection alerts, to UNIX and Windows event logs. Unfortunately, in many situations the most critical repository of corporate data is overlooked: z/OS.

Security Software & Consulting | Real Time Syslog z/OS Security

For those organizations that require the computing power of z/OS, the idea that attacks against Windows-based workstations may be noticed faster by security staff than malicious activity is noticed within the z/OS seems unbelievable. The fact is; z/OS security is based entirely on simple logic: actions are either allowed but in most cases not reported; or they are not allowed and a violation log is created. Such violations are generally examined using batch-mode analysis, often many hours after the fact, and any reports generated by such alerts typically remain within the mainframe environment and are not externalized to log consolidators for auditing and compliance requirements and regulations.

Type80 Security Software’s products bring z/OS security compliance and regulations into the modern era. By analyzing data from Consoles, Application WTO messages, SMF data, a batch program API, and a CICS API, Type80 gathers detailed information about security events on z/OS. This data is then encapsulated in standard Syslog format and delivered in Real-time to those responsible for enterprise security. This gives an organization an enterprise-wide view of all the events they need to capture to for compliance regulations and to stay abreast of attacks against their infrastructure.

Further, our products allow administrators to designate specific items of interest for deeper monitoring than normally provided in the z/OS environment. For example, an administrator can specify files of interest (perhaps those with credit card data for PCI compliance, those related to patient data for HIPAA compliance and payroll information), and capture all relevant data whenever those items are accessed – even by authorized users!

Our products are designed to be used in tandem with an organization’s existing security, auditing and compliance monitoring platforms. By delivering alerts using standard Syslog format, Security Information Management (SIM), Security Information Event Management (SIEM) and log consolidation products can easily utilize Type80‘s delivered Syslog events. Type80’s software products support all three z/OS Security Access Facility products, providing a single solution for large organizations that need full coverage.

Finally, all of Type80’s products are priced by a simple license fee per LPAR. We feel security is too important to over-price by using MIPS or number of CPUs.

No other product on the market can come close to SMA_RT in terms of performance, cost of ownership, range of coverage or interoperability.

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