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Type80 SYSLOG for z/OS enables extension of all mainframe console messages and write-to-operator messages to be routed to external log retention servers using the industry standard Syslog protocol. This allows for easy integration with any centralized security activities within the enterprise such as SIM, SIEM, or log consolidation products. Type80 SYSLOG messages are sent in Real-time, and provide a cost effective way to monitor z/OS for basic compliance as part of an Enterprise-wide security program.

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The Type80 SYSLOG product is an assembler written application residing within an LPAR on z/OS. Each LPAR requires an instance of Type80’s SYSLOG software to be active to achieve complete enterprise monitoring. Type80’s SYSLOG is a started task (STC) process activated at the start of z/OS. The Type80 SYSLOG STC collects console messages, messages from batch jobs, CICS, DB2, and all other WTO messages from within the LPAR.

Unlike Type80’s SMA_RT software, Type80’s SYSLOG cannot collect or evaluate data from SMF records, it cannot filter out unwanted messages or make event or rule based decisions defined by the Security Administrator.

Key points:

SYSLOG Security Software | Real-time z/OS Monitoring
  • Dynamically installed
  • No complex proprietary languages to understand
  • Presents messages in Real-time for immediate action
  • Delivers messages as string text for easy parsing and searching
  • Adds z/OS messages to SIM, SIEM and log consolidation product software in Real-time
  • Centralizes security event monitoring bridging the gap between z/OS and SIM, SIEM and log consolidation products
  • Provides centralized monitoring to facilitate easier compliance with SOX, HIPPA, GLB, and other mandated requirements
  • Type80 Syslog is priced by instance, not size and speed of the mainframe processor, making it the most cost-efficient, Real-time security event monitor available
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